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Winner  |  Warrior  |  Wellpreneur: Passionate about spreading HEALTH and WELLNESS throughout the world.

"Winners are built over time. Winning begins in the mind."


I haven't always looked and felt the way I appear today. Years of stomach pain, depression, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, anxiety, etc. kept me from living my best life. It took major lifestyle changes, doing my research, and ultimately trusting my gut. My years of struggling with food and environmental allergies shaped my lifestyle. By embracing the process of personal development, I have been able to find the light and fight within myself; a path to peace in my mind, body, and soul.

Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement. It denotes an approach to process centering on “continuous improvement”. This process works to mold your abilities based on what you have, what you know, and what you do. Improvement in one area will naturally result in improvements in other areas and open the possibilities for advancement. 

For me, pageantry, American Freestyle Karate, weightlifting, boxing, and bikini fitness competitions are vehicles for self-improvement. I give myself permission, space, and time to develop my survival skills. If the past year has taught me anything, upping my survival skills on all levels is a goal to work on daily. The payout is a healthier mind, and therefore a body, and soul- a state of optimal capability and survivability. 

Sharing my struggles and tools to overcome them with others has inspired me to show up in various ways. It has become a superpower for me to help others heal and bridge the gap between "want" and "do". I think of myself as a Wellness Warrior. Using my wellness journey, I inspire personal victories and self-fulfillment. Flip the script from a victim to a Victor and embrace the Spirit of Victory!

HMUA + Photo: Holte Avery

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  • Master's Degree - Architecture, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.


High School:

  • Fort Calhoun Community School, Fort Calhoun, NE.​

Recent Awards


  • Mrs. North Carolina America 2021

  • Top 15 Finalist for Mrs. America 2021

  • Mrs North Carolina Earth 2022

  • Top 10 Finalist at Mrs USA Earth and Top Points in Swim & Runway

AFE Karate:  Advanced Gold Belt


"We work to inspire champions and award winners an opportunity to chase their dreams, trophies, and crowns by chasing our own."

-The Allmendinger's   #nevergiveup


Photo: Action Sports

While building a brand, I am a supportive wife to my personality-filled, multi-talented, professional racecar driving husband AJ Allmendinger. To be highly competitive, our mutual mindset is fueled by improving ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. Fighting from Victory, we challenge our passions with faith, strength, determination, character, and pure obsession. We enjoy married life, racing life (NASCAR), and pageant life. Off of the racetrack and out of the spotlight, we enjoy taking road trips to the beach with our French Bulldog Xena (Warrior Princess) and the real rockstar of the family, our cat Mr. Tickles.

Exploring my gut pain led me to my purpose and inner peace. Becoming an advocate for myself, I shifted the narrative of my life from victim to victor. Now I inspire others to wave the checkered flag in their lives by sharing my struggle with food allergies and fitting in; stomach bloat, IBS, and my scrambled mental health. Every day I commit myself to defeat physical pain, anxiety, and toxic habits by policing my thoughts. I manage my mindset and work to master my human condition by building a relationship with myself through healthy confrontation and self care.

Social Media for ANARCHII Designs 
Instagram:  Anarchii_Designs
Twitter: _TaraLea
Social Media for Mr. Tickles:  
Instagram:  mr.tickles_thecat
Twitter: tickles_thecat

Chasing crowns and trophies, it's a way of life.

"Obsession is Passion." -AJ Allmendinger

"Your Life is a Love Story."

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